Victory Kneels Down
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Victory Kneels Down depicts what would have happened if the goddess of Victory, having swooped down to revel in the glorious victory of her chosen army, had noticed a dying soldier at her feet and had knelt down in the mud of war to cradle his head. Would the world have been a different place if in this myth he'd gestured to the battle field and had simply asked her "why" with his last breath?

I will sculpt this statue to address what I see as the woeful lack of art addressing the banal senseless evil of war. There seems to be no lack of art glorifying it. Look in the nearest park and you will see something that memorializes the noble fallen dead of some war or the other and which in some sense glamorizes those who made the sacrifice. Another famous example of art being the mistress of war is the enlistment poster depicting a woman drowned in the sinking of the Lusitania still clutching her dead baby as she floats in the water. This poster caused riots in the city of Boston that were believed to have been pivotal to the US involvement in world war one.

If you look at the shield of the soldier, in the relief version, you will notice no emblem or symbol. I felt that it is inappropriate to decorate an implement of war. Furthermore, I will deliberately not depicted the carnage of a battle. I will only imply it, like in the relief, with the colors of the patina that I will chose.

This is intended to be a public work of art displayed where it can make an impact on as many people as possible.

Victory Kneels Down will be a limited edition lost wax bronze casting of 3. It will be cast at the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California, which is one of the nation's premier fine art foundries. It will be life sized. The edition is currently not yet sculpted and will priced at approxemately $120,000.00 each. For more information on preordering this statue, click this sentence.

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