Artist's Statement

I've always enjoyed viewing sculpture, but I never envisioned myself as a sculptor until I learned of the sudden death of the famous sculptor Frederick Hart. The loss I felt at his death was soon replaced by the unshakable conviction that I could and should learn to sculpt. I started reading books on anatomy, figure drawing and sculpture. Soon I was drawing and within nine months of learning of Fredrick Hart's death, I was sculpting. I have no training in art. They kicked me out of the only "art" class that I took in high school for, as I remember it, "having too much fun." Instead they put me in a shop class where I learned to use the power tools that have proven quite useful for building the miscellaneous apparatus used in sculpture.

In my sculpture, I attempt to show the human condition through the form of the human body. I feel that it is best for me to present abstract concepts by representational means.

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