Whispering of Love

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Whispering of Love will sensuously depict romantic love as a handsome young man whispers of his love to his beautiful young lover.

Neither of the models shown here in the sketch is ideal for this sculpture. I will use young models that are both sensual and physically ideal. The pose will be slightly modified from what is depicted here. I want the woman to be slightly arching her back as she leans back to hear the whisper. In addition I want the mans upper hand to be slightly lower. I also picture in my mind's eye long flowing hair on the young woman.

Whispering of Love will be a limited edition lost wax bronze casting of 9 (not counting a possible artist's proof copy). It will be cast at the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, California, which is one of the nation's premier fine art foundries. It will be approximately 25" high. The edition is not yet available and the price will likely be greater than $5000.00 each. For more information on preordering a statue, click this sentence.

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